Davis MS Specialists

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NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderClassE-mail AddressPhone #Website
Bailey, CassandraComputer Apps (402)561-6130 ext. 8961108www
Baldwin, RyanInstrumental Music (402)561-6130 ext. 8961008www
Becker, Naomi ESL  www
Boro, ChrisHuman Growth and Development  www
Drummond, Che'PE (402)561-6130 ext. 8961010www
Hamilton, AmyTech and Living (402)561-6130 ext. 8961013www
Kolb, SarahArt  www
Moriarty, KimberlyLibrary 402-561-6144www
Ostbye, LisaPE (402)561-6130 ext. 8961111www
Schorg, PhillipVocal Music (402)561-6130 ext. 8961009www
Sturek, ChadPE (402)561-6130 ext. 8961010www
Yelinek, SusanCareers/Technology (402)561-6130 ext. 8961063www


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