Fall Sports


Coaches: Mr. Sturek, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Medeiros

Mr. McKelvy, Mr. Steward, & Mr. Allen



Coaches: Mr. Johnson, Ms. Salcedo, Ms. Douglas & Ms. Royer



Cross Country

Coaches: Ms. Meyer, Mr. Baldwin & Mr. Hendrix

Winter Sports 1st Session

Boys Basketball

 Coaches: Mr. Hendrix,  Mr. Waller & Mr. Medeiros

Girls Swimming

Coaches: Ms. Ostbye & Mr. Schorg

Winter Sports 2nd Session

Girls Basketball

Coaches: Mr. Houfek, Ms. Salcedo, & Mr. Drummond


Coaches: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Sturek, & Mr. McKelvy

Boys Swimming

Coaches: Ms. Ostbye & Mr. Schorg

Spring Sports

Boys' Soccer

Coaches: Mr. Smith & Mr. Johnson & Mr. Medeiros

Girls' Soccer

Coaches: Miss Davis, Mrs. Medeiros

Track & Field

Coaches: Mr. Sturek, Mr. Drummond, Ms. Meyer, Mr. Baldwin, & Ms. Ostbye


6th Grade Intramurals


Fall Intramurals

Boys' Soccer

Coach: Mr. Smith

Girls' Soccer

Coach: Miss Davis

Cross Country

Coach: Ms. Meyer


Winter 1st Session Intramurals

Girls' 6th Grade Basketball


Winter 2nd Session Intramurals

Boys' 6th Grade Basketball


Spring Intramurals




Required Athletic Forms

The Nebraska State School Law, in part, requires that each student have a physical examination and a vision examination within six months prior to entrance into school, or upon transfer into the school district from a district outside of the state. A physical exam is also required for seventh grade, without the vision exam requirement. The vision exam form is included on the physical exam form, and may be completed by a health care provider or an optometrist.

A complete dental check-up is strongly encouraged at this time also.

If you do not wish to provide evidence of a physical exam and/or a vision exam, a signed statement waiving this requirement must be submitted to the school by November 1 (or 60 days after enrollment). Please note, if your child will be participating in competitive athletics, a physical examination by a licensed health provider is required and signing a waiver does not satisfy this requirement.

Physical Education Restrictions/Exemptions

Middle or high school students who have restrictions for participation in PE must have a health care provider's order on file, delineating what the restrictions are. Students who cannot participate because of health related concerns must have a health care provider's note on file exempting them from the class.


Hall of Champions


Varsity Volleyball - 1st Place

Boys Varsity Basketball - 1st Place

Girls 8th grade Swimming - 1st Place


Girls 7th grade Swimming - 1st Place

Boys 8th grade Swimming - 1st Place

Girls 7th grade Track & Field - 1st Place


Girls 7th grade Cross Country - 1st Place

Boys 7th grade Swimming - 1st Place

Boys 8th grade Swimming - 1st Place


Varsity Football - 1st Place

Boys 7th grade Swimming - 1st Place

Boys 8th grade Track & Field - 1st Place