Clubs and Activities to Join at Davis Middle School:

CHECK BACK AS MORE CLUBS START-UP! Listen to daily announcements for exact dates.

Academic Pentathlon

Sponsor: Mr. Stokes

Art Club

Sponsors: Ms. Kolb & Ms. Daley         Meets on Wednesdays

Book Blasters

Sponsor: Mrs. Sandoval


Disc Golf

Sponsor: Mr. Boro      Meets on Mondays

Drama Club

Sponsor: Mr Houfek & Mrs. Petersen

Future City

Sponsors:  Mrs. Gregg & Dr. Temple


Lego Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Cyr 

Math Club

Sponsor:  Mr. Rudy Murray


Pep Club

Sponsors:   Ms. Lane, Miss Belling


Quiz Bowl

Sponsor: Mrs. Cyr


Robotics Club (VEX)

Sponsor:   Mr. Shawn Murray


Science Club

Sponsors:  Mr. Stokes, Dr. Temple

Speech & Debate

Sponsor:  Mr. Stokes

Tuskegee Airmen Club

Sponsor: Mr. Steward

Writing Wizards

Sponsor:  Ms. Prem