Hello Aviators!  I'm Michelle Vaughan.  This is my 13th year working for Omaha Public Schools, but this is my third year at Davis!  I'm so excited to get to know the Davis family!  As one of the resource teachers, I'm co-teaching in 3 ELA classes.  My goal is to help the students become the strongest advocates for themselves while giving them the tools they need to be as ready as possible for high school.  If there is anything I can help you or your student with, please let me know!



A & B Days                                 Subject                                                       Co-teacher                                  

Block 1/2                                  8th grade ELA                                           Mrs. Tara Kearney

Block 3/4                                7th grade ELA                                        Mrs. Tonya Sandoval

Block 5/6                               8th grade ELA                                           Mrs. Megan Hall

Block 7/8                            Meetings/Plan Time                                       -------------------          

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