Remote Learning Schedule

Remote Learning Schedule

7:40-8:00 Take Flight (homeroom) activities with your Period 1/2

8:00-9:15 Period 1/2

9:15-9:30 Transition to next class

9:30-10:05 Period 3

10:05-10:10 Transition to next class

10:10-10:45 Period 4

10:45-11:30 Ask a Teacher time

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-1:15 Period 5/6

1:15-1:30 Transition to next class

1:30-2:45 Period 7/8

2:45-3:05 Students check email, ask teacher questions, & prepare for following day


Social Studies

Our curriculum: History Alive!

Students will have access to the TCI curriculum online.  We will create student accounts using students "s-user" names for login and their password (student number) that they use to login to their computers.  They will be able to access this site anywhere!!!

Ancient Civilizations to Medieval Europe

We will study these different Civilizations:

Early Man/ Prehistoric Civilizations: This is a study of Paleolithic and Neolithic Man.

Ancient Egypt: Geography, Daily Life/Social Structure, Major Pharaohs, Economy, and Impact on Modern World

Ancient Greece: We will study the Geography, settlements, the Rise of Democracy, Athens/Sparta, Persian Wars, Daily Life and Social Structure, Alexander's Empire, Economy and the Impact on the Modern World

Ancient Rome: Geography, Republic to Empire, Daily Life/Social Structure, Christianity, Economy, Fall of Rome, and Impact on Modern World

Medieval Europe: Geography, Feudalism, Daily Life/Social Structure, Role of Church, Decline of Feudalism, Economy, Impact on Modern World

Western African Kingdoms: Geography, Civics, Economy, Human Geography, Human Geography of Timbuktu & Religion

Mayans: Geography, Daily Life/Social Structures, Theories for Decline, Economy, Impact on Modern World

Aztecs: Geography, Daily Life/Social Structures, Economy, Impact on Modern World

Incas: Geography, Daily Life/Social Structures, Economy, Impact on Modern World


I am very excited to be back at Davis this year! This will be my 17th year as a teacher, and my eighth as a middle school teacher, and I love it!  I have taught every grade level from 3rd to 6th and love working with this age of students.  I received my bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Wayne State College. I have taught at Gilder Elementary, Fullerton Elementary and Saddlebrook Elementary.

I love the wonder of teaching students about history.  I love to see them grow in their knowledge of different cultures and of the history of the world!

I live in Blair with my husband, Greg, and children, Evelyn, and Jameson.  We love to go for walks with our dog or ride our bikes around our neighborhood.  In the summer we enjoy swimming, camping and visiting friends. 

Mrs. Petersen


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