Welcome to my Alfonza W. Davis Middle School web page! I truly appreciate you taking the time to stop by and learn more about me and the classes I teach. I currently teach Computer Applications I, Computer Applications II and Digital Media. Technology has always been a huge part of my life and I enjoy sharing what I love with my students. I am a proud graduate of College of Saint Mary. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Leadership and a graduate degree in Teaching.

I am blessed to be the mother of two wacky, wild, loving and energetic sons. I am over the moon about working at Davis Middle School. I can say without hesitation that my daily interactions with students, parents, colleagues and administrators make this the best job ever! GO AVIATORS!!!!!!

Teaching Philosophy 

I believe a safe, structured and welcoming environment is essential to student success. I appreciate the complex attitudes and experiences of middle school students and strive to ensure each student has a voice in my classroom. My goal is to assist students in developing a love for learning and technology that will contribute to their overall academic success.

Course Description

Computer Applications I is a course in which students focus on basic computer skills and responsible computer use. Students will develop a basic understanding of keyboarding best practices, internet safety, ethical computer use and word processing. 


Course Description

Computer Applications II is designed to help students master the touch method of keyboarding and begin to explore technology as a tool for productivity and research. Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical, cultural and societal issues related to technology, the Internet, and emails. Students will become proficient in the use of input technologies to enter and manipulate text and data.   


Course Description

Digital Media students will enhance their understanding of digital media related concepts and computer science skills. Various online applications will be used. Students will improve upon keyboarding skills with more of focus on speed and accuracy. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the ethical, cultural and societal issues related to technology, the Internet, and email. Students will create multimedia projects using backgrounds, graphics, sounds, animations, transitions and hyperlinks. Students will create and edit a simple movie using movie software. Students will understand copyright issues and plagiarism.


Ms. Bailey

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