I am a native of Omaha and graduated from Omaha North High School…Go Vikings! I love spending time with my family, whether it's going for a walk or bike ride with my kids or attending Husker football and basketball games with my husband. I like to read for pleasure when I have the opportunity and just being outdoors. I especially enjoy cruising around in my Jeep with the top and doors off!

I have been teaching Spanish at Davis since 2014. I am excited to grow the Spanish program here and really inspire students to continue in Spanish or really any foreign language! I have taught English Language Learners (ELL's) at the Teen Literacy Center, an English as a Second Language (ESL) program for refugee and migrant students. I truly enjoyed working with the students and learning about the many different cultures they brought to the classroom.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching ESL and Spanish as well as a Degree in Spanish from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in December 2003. I am also certified in Bilingual Education and completed my Masters of Arts in Language Teaching in Spanish in December 2013. I love learning as much as I love to teach and I enjoy learning from the students and staff at Davis Middle School!


Welcome (or bienvenidos) to first and/or second year Spanish at Davis! At Davis, we help students to build a foundation in Spanish to understand and hopefully speak and write with confidence in Spanish at their appropriate level of proficiency. Below are guidelines of what we do at each level, but students will vary in their ability to perform in the language:

In Spanish 1, students will learn how to introduce themselves and others, how to ask how students are and where they are from. Students will learn how to talk about the things they like and don't like, as well as learn to talk about a typical school day. Students will be able to talk about their classes, their teachers, the things they need for their classes, etc.  Students will learn, colors, numbers, the alphabet, days of the week, and months of the year.  Spanish students will learn body parts, food, and clothing. They will also learn many grammar points. However, we do not teach grammar explicitly but in context (through talking and introduction of new sentence phrases, etc). Students will be given opportunities to read, write, and speak in Spanish, as well as opportunities to learn about the culture of many Spanish speaking countries. We conduct class in Spanish 90% of the time from Day 1. We do this by making language comprehensible (pointing, gestures, pictures, etc).

In Spanish 2, students will expand on the foundations built in first year Spanish. The topics and themes will be the same, but will be more in depth and complex.


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