Welcome to my page!

I am Mako Jacobs.

I was born, raised, and have spent my entire life in Omaha. I like to spend time with my husband and even though my kids are adults now, we still like to hang out together. One of my favorite things to do is travel the small back roads and explore "off the grid" places. I love nature and being outside. Maybe that is why I am an avid trail runner and run with groups called the Goatz and Angry Cow Adventures. I also like to hike, cycle, and do yoga.

My other teaching interest is dog training. I have taught basic obedience, therapy dogs, and service dogs for mobility and seizure response. I had the first therapy dog in the Omaha Public schools and have had therapy dogs in my classrooms for 18 years. I currently have an Australian Shepherd/Collie mix named Halo. “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” – Gilda Radner (comedian)

I hope you have an amazing year. Feel free to stop by anytime.





I am a product of the Omaha Public Schools.

I graduated from Northwest High School in 1985. I received my Bachelors in Elementary Education and Mild/Moderate Mentally Handicapped from the University of Nebraska: Omaha (UNO) in 1992. I went on to earn my Master's in Resource and Learning Disabilities from UNO in 1997.

I taught in the Resource Program at Fontenelle Elementary for seven years. I went on to teach in the Alternate Curriculum Program at Adams Elementary for 20 years. In August of 2019 I became an Aviator.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Davis family and I am fortunate to now work with students that are in the Behavior Skills Program. I like to help out coaching soccer, watch my students in their chosen sports/events, and to participate in after-school clubs that are meaningful to students.



Schedules vary by student. I am always available on Teams for my students or by email for everyone else. Room 146 is open, so stop by.

Contact Info

My email is or you may call me at 531 299-2340.