Hello, I am Mrs. Grayer-Chisulo and I am currently in my 13th year of teaching. I have a bachelors degree in Elementary and Pre-Deaf Education and teaching endorsements in Elementary Education and Grades 7-12 Mathematics. I earned a masters in the Teaching of Mathematics with specialization in Middle Level Mathematics through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's intensive Math in the Middle program. Currently, I am working on a PhD with a focus on the mathematics identity formation of Black students. I am excited to be in my sixth year as an Aviator and am looking forward to helping our students' discover their innate Brilliance while developing their Mathematical Habits of Mind!

Course Summary

  Math7 reviews and extends the development of the number system carried on in the intermediate grades. Content includes work on the fundamental operations and the use of these operations with the various subsets of the real number system such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers. An effort is made to keep these numbers and operations usable by including applications to real life situations.

  Pre-Algebra  is designed to bridge the similarities of arithmetic and algebra. This course will contain spiraling reinforcement of basic algebraic concepts and topics in order to prepare students for successful placement in Algebra 1-2. This course will cover the content standards for Pre-Algebra, including operations on real numbers, conversions among fractions, decimals, and percents, solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations, working with polynomials, and using measures of central tendency to interpret data.


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