Special Education Services


Our mission is to provide leadership, services and support to strengthen the capacity of schools, families and communities to enhance student success by establishing high expectations and high quality education programs for all students with disabilities.
Our aspirations are to ensure all individuals with disabilities are academically proficient, gainfully employed and socially adjusted while continuing to improve academic results and post-secondary outcomes for students with special needs.  All students and children learn and grow in natural and inclusive environments with non-disabled peers.
  • Educational outcomes for students with disabilities replace procedural compliance as our primary focus.
  • Low expectations of the past are replaced with early intervention, individualized services, parent empowerment and accountability for results.
  • Students are supported in the least restrictive environment. 
  • Access to general education opportunities is the right of every student.
  • Participation and progress in the general curriculum is facilitated with the use of research-based academic, social and positive behavioral supports.
  • Students as members of a community must have the opportunity to attend their neighborhood school.
  • Communication and planning among professionals supports student transitions. 

Contact Information

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Graham, ChelseaACP Para   
Gutierrez, KimberlieACP Para   
Eastwood, PennyACP Teacher 531-299-8107www
Yosief, BehaimanotBSP Para   
Jacobs, MakoBSP Teacher   
Bailey, PollyResource Para   
Jones, AbbySPED Resource (Team Leader) 531-299-8108www
Bruch, SallySPED Resource Teacher 531-299-8073www
Anderson, MichelleSPED Resource Teacher  www
Vaughan, MichelleSPED Resource Teacher  www
Prottsman, HeidiSpeech 531-299-8055www