My name is Nicole Muirhead and I will be teaching 6th-grade Ancient Civilizations and 8th grade American History. I have been teaching for three years previously at Morton Magnet Middle School. I have my undergraduate degree in Secondary Education- Social Sciences from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I also have my Master's Degree in Secondary Education- Teaching & Learning from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 


6th Grade-Ancient Civilizations to Medieval Europe

Early Man/ Prehistoric Civilizations

Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Rome

Medieval Europe

Western African Kingdoms


8th Grade American History



Expansion & Conflict

Settlement & Immigration

Slavery & Sectionalism

The Civil War


Industrialism, The Gilded Age, & Impact on Native Americans


 A Day B Day
 1/2 6th Ancient Civ    1/2 6th Ancient Civ
 3/4 Plan Period 3/4 8th Am History
 5/6 8th Am History 5/6 8th Am History
 7/8 6th Ancient Civ 7/8 Plan